Saturday, January 24, 2004

Been Killing myself w/ the biliography book outline (for Jour 5050)for over 24 hours now, so my brains completely exhausted. My body and brain are not cooperating, which can be a BIG DISASTER, and I think, I can see something happening, will fill u in on what it tuens our for now...

Cheers (though I'm not in that kinda mood, but hey you all who r done w/ tht assignment possibly are... aaaarghhhhhh...)


Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Booty Calls

As the times have gone by, we college students are constantly faced with all kinds of transitional changes, be it financial, emotional, educational or spiritual. But there is also another major change which is often overlooked -- a sexual one.
One could say we are all staging mini sexual revolutions. I’m not implying any Freudian theories, we all very well know that sexuality is woven into the threads of our lives, it is not a choice we have thus we might as well educate ourselves about it more.
Sexuality doesn't have to be veiled to us. But as it turns out, we always get mixed messages. We get varied views and ideas on sexuality, especially the pop videos on music channels like MTV and VH1. If you try looking at various websites dedicated to these starts we see on TV, either ‘shaking their booty’ or displaying their sexuality. All this just directs one towards the opinion that ‘sex still sells’.
Websites dedicated to female stars, especially the unofficial ones (though its sometimes hard to differentiate between the two) flaunt their sexuality openly, more so than their male counterparts, who are considered to be display of masculine sexuality. The sexual appeal of these starts ia actually makes them and, nstead of their actual talent and music.

Cheers for now Moon

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